Mathematics, statistics, and financial analysis: these are just some of the areas of expertise Senior Software Engineer Adam Scarborough has brought to Myers since joining the company in April 2016.

Adam grew up in the Boston area and went on to graduate from UMass Amherst with a degree in mathematics and statistics. In his college statistics work, Adam got his start in coding by working in SAS, a programming language used for statistical analysis. His projects also included programming in Java and creating algorithms in computer science, skills he still uses today in his everyday work at Myers.

After college, Adam started his career at the Boston-based financial services company State Street, with designs to be an actuary. He quickly realized, however, that while he loved financial assessment and crunching numbers, his passion was software development. He moved from State Street to IBM to work in the IBM Rational software and systems delivery division. At IBM, Adam gained experience building software development tools, bug tracking utilities, and performing data cleaning for IBM’s problem classification program. After his time at IBM, Adam stayed in Boston to become a QA Engineer at start-up Nexaweb working on web 2.0 platforms. He then transitioned into designing document imaging software development kits for Atalasoft.  There, he focused not only on designing and developing, but also on QA and support.

The sum of his accumulated experience from financial analysis, to the fast-paced world of start-ups, with the formal and organized structure of a large corporation, poised Adam as the perfect candidate to help lead the Myers new technology team and complete the development of the redesigned sales module in ProTrack’s next release, 6.08. Adam’s role not only involves leading the team in the agile development process, but doing software architecture and project management.

“Coming to Myers, I was drawn to the motivated and energetic people, and was excited to delve into the world of broadcasting and work on the 6.08 release,” said Adam. While the broadcasting industry was new to him, the business and finance side of the sales module were natural extensions of his career.

Since his start at Myers, Adam has been working to build and finalize ProTrack 6.08, and lead the team of developers working in the new technology platform in ProTrack; this technology of Java back-end and a HTML5 web front-end was first introduced in the ProTrack A/R module, but it will be rolling out to all stations in the ProTrack 6.08 sales module.

Adam’s strong background in not only software development, but in QA, testing, and finance has been an invaluable resource in rolling out the new ProTrack sales module in the next 6.08 release. “At Myers, I’ve brought my years of experience in QA and testing to really help in putting our code through its paces and encouraging more formalized and frequent testing.”

For Adam’s future at Myers, “I’m looking forward to releasing 6.08 to our clients to take them to the next level in their sales management,” he said. Adam is also looking ahead past 6.08 for a number of exciting projects coming up on the product roadmap.

Adam lives in Northampton, MA and enjoys spending time with his family, rowing and home improvement projects.

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