Brandon Smith doesn’t shy away from a programming challenge.

Since joining Myers in the summer of 2015, Software Developer Brandon has been working with the development team dedicated to ProTrack’s new technology stack and the technology transition.
Brandon first became interested programming through his passion for computer music. He wanted to repair old digital audio equipment, and discovered he could accomplish this through Linux. This inspired Brandon to begin taking programming courses. In class, he would learn the programming theory, and in his free time he would get hands-on, practical experience using Linux.

In school, Brandon rounding out his programming education by learning Java, C++, and PHP for web development. As soon as he graduated, he began learning on the job. Although Linux is his first passion, he consciously switched from Linux to Java as it was a more commonly used language in the business world. In the future, he would like to learn more PHP and dig deeper into using Java for a larger scale system. Outside of work, he would like to learn more C++ desktop development.

At Myers, Brandon was hired specifically to help transition ProTrack to new the technology stack. In addition, he works with the entire application stack updating the database. He’s also able to get involved in a wide variety of areas, including working on the UI, the back-end business logic, software testing, small and large scale fixes, and working on ProTrack’s new technology stack and the next release of ProTrack 6.08. Moving forward at Myers, he’d like to get more involved in product design and architecture.

Brandon was attracted to work at Myers for a variety of reasons. To start, he worked at a few different start-up companies, and Myers, a 30-year old company, provided a welcome contrast. “There really is the best of both worlds here. People aren’t afraid to try new things, be innovative, find and try new technology solutions, and improve processes. Myers has passion and energy of a start-up, but we also have the stability of a mature and established product that’s been tried and true in the field for decades. I also appreciate that knowledgeable and technical people are making the product and development decisions.”

Brandon is greatly looking forward to ProTrack’s next release: 6.08. “The new technology will provide a user-interface that is more organized and intuitive, and really maximizes resources, such as having multiple panes of information on one screen – and that’s just on the front-end,” said Brandon. “As a developer, the new technology stack and modular set-up allows us to be more flexible making adjustments for future releases.”

“I am greatly enjoying the process of getting ProTrack updated and modernized, so it’s as flexible and performant that it can be for our clients,” said Brandon.

Outside of the office, Brandon spends his time record collecting, contributing to open source music projects and tuning Linux for audio performance.

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