"In ProWeb we found a solution that provided the necessary functionality to present sound and relevant information quickly and dynamically"

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Myers provides a full range of technical and professional support services to ensure the maximum efficiency of your ProTrack solution.

Preview the newest Accounts Receivable add-on at the show.

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ProTrack Boot Camp

Nancy Carter, Anthony Kubiak, Eugene Diana & Alyssa Baer

The Traffic Advisory Committee has enlisted Myers again this year to host an interactive ProTrack session for all PBS Member Station attendees. The Myers team will discuss new and existing workflows to help you make the most out of your ProTrack investment. The intent of this session is to cover a broad range of subjects, focusing in on best practices, ensuring that all attendees walk away with new ProTrack knowledge.

Wednesday, April 8th
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Roman I

With New Trends, Comes New Workflow

Crist Myers & Tracy Carter

Let’s talk about the future and how we are getting there! Join Myers as we discuss what we are doing as a company to ensure ProTrack is keeping pace with the rapidly evolving media landscape. This session will cover everything from ProTrack’s evolving technology, product roadmap, new partnerships, services and capabilities.

Friday, April 10th
8:30 am – 9:30 am, Roman IV

Get the most out of ProTrack

Visit us at Booth #311 at PBS TechCon 2015 to preview ProTrack's new technology platform.

If you miss us at PBS TechCon, come see us at the NAB Show 2015, Booth N7919


Are You Maximizing Your ProTrack Investment?

Visit us at the show to see which ProTrack add-ons will improve your workflow and bottom-line.

Accounts Receivable


From credit management to sales analysis, this powerful module is an efficient and reliable means of managing your entire receivables process, by providing your organization with extensive information and reporting features so that you can make quicker and smarter business decisions.



A turn-key website plug-in that provides accurate and timely schedule and program information directly from ProTrack to your website. Viewers can access schedules and descriptions 24/7 on their device of choice -- smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Embedded social media links help them spread the word!

Media Asset Management


Take the guess-work out of scheduling and improve media management by extending ProTrack’s reach to archive and playout systems. ProTrack MAM will ensure decision makers in programming and traffic have a clear line of sight to the status and locations of your media assets.



Build, monetize, publish, and track nonlinear content to virtually any publishing destination. Business rules can be set-up and applied to automate distribution strategies across both linear and nonlinear activities.

ProTrack Radio


Designed for joint-licensees, ProTrack Radio is a full-featured scheduling and traffic system for radio operations. The module installs on your existing ProTrack server and allows sales teams to generate a single contract/invoice for advertisers across both television and radio platforms.

Automation Integration


ProTrack supports multiple levels of bi-directional communications with over 35 different TV and Radio automation vendors. When traffic and automation are integrated, sending play-lists or dub orders and receiving as-runs or media updates are nothing more than just a click of a button.

Automated Media Attachments


Embrace file-based workflows by letting ProTrack automatically create media attachments for you. With Automated Media Attachments, this is one repetitive, non-creative task you don't have to spending any more time on.



Whether the disaster comes as a fire, earthquake, hurricane, or hardware failure; our exclusive MIS BackUP service will allow our technical support team to quickly access and restore your ProTrack database to our cloud-based ProHost solution - 24x7, 365 days a year.

ProTrack Hub & Spoke

Looking for service partners to help you reduce your operating costs without sacrificing autonomy? Myers has established solutions and extensive relationships with multiple providers that offer varying degrees of centralcasting services. Stop by, tell us what you are looking for and we'll help point you in the right direction.

CUC Archival System

Data Storage

Computer Upgrade Corporation is a full-service data storage systems integrator and solution provider offering best-of-breed digital data storage and media asset management solutions for video playback and archive. CUC's focus is to manage and protect the data/media that are crucial to the success of their clients, including on-site installation, support and training.

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Preview ProTrack's New Technology & Accounts Receivable Module at PBS TechCon 2015.

Myers is transitioning ProTrack to an entirely new technology platform that will greatly improve its user interface and expand its capabilities. The new platform features an HTML5 based front-end which is highly accessible and extensible. Along with it will come one of the most modern, intuitive, and state-of-the-art user experiences in the broadcast management marketplace today.

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Get the most out of ProTrack.

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