Benefits & Uses


    Trusted by multimedia facilities for close to 30 years, ProTrack is currently deployed at over 225 independent media facilities -- across nearly every vertical within the marketplace.


    ProTrack's strength lies in its ability to communicate with business and technical systems up and down the distribution chain -- from content acquisition to playout, archive, and everything in between.


    Supports a wide variety of distribution types, workflows, formats, and distribution methodologies.


    Exclusive Add-on modules are available to extend ProTrack's capabilities for those who have more expansive needs.


    ProTrack can facilitate, manage, monetize, and report on a multitude of content distribution activities whether they be linear or nonlinear.


    Accommodates and manages virtually an unlimited number of linear channels and nonlinear distribution points.


    Provides a multitude of proven scheduling features designed to simplify and automate repetitive, non-creative tasks, allowing scheduling teams to stay focused on the creative ones.


    ProTrack makes it easy to search for and schedule content based on a wide variety of criteria such as keywords, genre, ratings, rights and availability.


    Once schedules are in place, ProTrack will proactively disseminate to internal and external stakeholders.


    Highly scalable scheduling environment to accommodate any number of linear and nonlinear channels and distribution points.


    Provides real-time inventory management so sales teams can quickly identify avails and maximize revenue generating opportunities before they expire.


    Define and sell across all platforms -- TV, Radio, linear, nonlinear, online, events, print, and more.


    Generate sales orders, track placements, invoices, affidavits and receivable information.


    Sales teams can easily track performance, project revenue and access historical data for comparative analysis and planning purposes.


    Auto-insertion rules make it easy to automate the placement of spots, promotions and secondary events such as logos and snipes.


    Supports broad placement criteria definable by channel, day, date, time and more


    Easily identify and navigate directly to problem areas and quickly fill gaps in broadcast logs with eligible spots or make-goods from a list.


    User-selected color coding and station-defined channel colors add definition and clarity when preparing broadcast logs.


    Share valuable program and technical metadata, encompassing daily exports to dynamic exchange of schedule events, workflow states, and verified durations.

ProTrack Add-Ons

ProTrack does more than just "Traffic & Billing." Media facilities can extend the capabilities of their ProTrack solution to maximize operational efficiency through our collection of unique Add-Ons.

Integration Made Simple


Myers has developed partnerships with nearly all of the vendors that have a stake in content acquisition, media management and distribution, making ProTrack easy to adopt. No other broadcast management solution integrates as easily with your existing systems.

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Customer Focus

Customer Focus: Jackson State University (JSU-TV)

After researching and evaluating multiple solutions, JSU-TV selected ProTrack for its ability to provide a robust, integrated and efficient workflow — from program acquisition and ad insertion through to playout and invoicing.

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