5 Key Benefits to Being a ProTrack Joint Licensee 

Did you know, that when using ProTrack TV and Radio together they provide greater visibility, streamlined workflows, and improved efficiencies? The concept that ‘The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts’ rings true and here is why:

Key Benefits to Leveraging ProTrack Radio with ProTrack TV:

  1. Effectively sell radio and TV as one platform to one unified customer base
  2. Generate one contract, affidavit, and invoice for customers
  3. Experience an accelerated learning curve with ProTrack TV already in place
  4. Export playlists and import as-runs automatically, leveraging ProTrack Radio’s integration to 13 different automation vendors
  5. Save master schedules, rotate in-template schedules, and utilize the copy channel/block feature for more granular single and multi-channel scheduling

Similar to the Reese’s better together approach – ProTrack Radio and ProTrack TV also produce a 1+1=3 result when utilized together.

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