Building Sustainable Media Infrastructure

Myers continues to place a heavy focus on partnering to build innovative and sustainable media infrastructures for the future of broadcasting


It is no secret that integrations play a vital role in advancing not only our operational workflows today, but those of tomorrow. As a developer for over 30 years we understand that. We also understand that a one stop shop although convenient, is a rarity given the expansion of broadcast operational workflows over the past decade. The walls have lowered and in some cases eliminated within traditional siloed operations. So what does that mean? The core of the broadcast operational workflow is the content and as technology advances so too do the systems within the workflow. Functionality has been enhanced and so have the capabilities to keep content consistent moving from one traditional department to the next via technology systems. Years ago we as an industry relied on export and import with a tape and/or disk and walked it to the next department.

The ability now to flow the data throughout the entire back-office operation has resulted in more integrations and partnerships with vendors. These partnerships create a more efficient and effective workflow for the broadcaster. And this continues to evolve today with a focus on more and more efficiency, especially with regards to multiplatform and multi-location enterprises.

With such a heavy emphasis on efficiency, broadcasters didn’t stop with placing all of their eggs in one basket with vendor integrations – they looked at additional means as well. One of those means is centralcasting. Centralcasting entails managing shared resources for multiple stations in one central location (i.e. a hub in Chicago, Illinois may manage operations for stations in Seattle and Atlanta simultaneously). This happens naturally for station groups and is now continuing to happen at a partner level between stations that may not necessarily be part of a group, but have vested interest in shared operational workflows, while maintaining their station’s own unique identity.

This idea of shared resources and workflows is rapidly growing and new partnerships and integrations are happening. This comes as a direct result of the opportunity that exists in the market to build and provide a better, more efficient, content workflow for broadcasters for the future.

At the NAB Show, Sony was the latest to announce in a press conference a new pilot project with WGBH that Myers will be an integral part of. The pilot project will launch new content distribution services that create a centralized and streamlined distribution model for the broadcast group’s content. This effort is at the heart of building a sustainable media infrastructure, whereby broadcaster’s are able to reduce costs. In doing so broadcasters will be able to shift what was once capital expenditures for a facility to ongoing operational expenditures. We are very excited to be a part of this project, as well as others that are happening right now in the industry and very much look forward to being an key part of advancing broadcast technology efficiencies for the future.

To read more about the Sony announcement, click here.

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