Colorado Public Television Returns to ProTrack TV

Westfield, Ma., January 28, 2020—Myers, a pioneer in broadcast management solutions, has announced that Colorado Public Television (KBDI), a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station serving Denver, Colorado, is returning to Myers’ broadcast management solution, ProTrack, as part of a station-wide technology update.  ProTrack will be the primary system within KBDI’s broadcast operations to manage content from the point of acquisition through to play-out and long-term storage. In addition, it will provide KBDI with a highly capable and proven platform to schedule, monetize, and traffic all of their media distribution activities.

Utilizing the latest version of ProTrack, which features an entirely new web-based sales environment will allow KBDI-TV to automate its sales workflows and more effectively monetize their broadcast assets. KBDI will also leverage ProTrack’s robust integration to their automation system, creating a more seamless and automated workflow to playout.

“Deploying ProTrack has better positioned our station for a more sustainable and profitable future, equipping us with the necessary tools to be more deliberate and efficient in our sales efforts and also more agile across our entire operational workflow,” shared Sally Wicks, Director of Content Management, KBDI. “We’ve known Myers for years and are excited about once again being able to take advantage of all the incredible feature sets they’ve developed for independent media facilities like us.”

“There is something really special about a returning customer as it validates the quality and value our people, products and services,” said Crist Myers, President and CEO of Myers. “As Colorado Public Television re-positions itself for the future of content distribution, we look forward to playing a key role in helping them reach their objectives in an effective and cost-efficient manner.”

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