Customer Focus: BACK9NETWORK

“As a new television network we were looking for a broadcast management system that would not only enable us to hit the ground running today, but that will play a part in our business growth tomorrow,” said Harry Goldberg, Vice President Operations and Engineering, BACK9NETWORK. “In Myers, we found an experienced partner with a credible reputation who is focused on scalability and whose product will manage our entire back-office workflow as well as afford key integrations into disparate systems.”

A Quick Turnaround – Implementation & Integration

Myers installed a complete ProTrack system, including the exclusive services of ProWeb and MIS BackUp, in eight weeks. Once configured for BACK9NETWORK’s broadcast operation, ProTrack assumed responsibility for all of their program and interstitial content metadata management. In addition, BACK9NETWORK leveraged ProTrack’s dedicated linear and nonlinear scheduling, sales management, rights management, traffic and automation/transcode integrations. Encompass Digital Systems (EDS) provides Master Control and playout services for BACK9NETWORK, and ProTrack exports playlists to EDS. EDS is returning as-runs for reconciliation for an efficient workflow.

Powerful Sales Management

With ProTrack, BACK9NETWORK is able to manage both a remote (3rd party) sales team as well as an internal sales team. By tracking sales, avails, and placement of commercials across broadcast and non-broadcast environments, ProTrack’s sales functionality allows networks like BACK9NETWORK to more easily take advantage of potential revenue streams that they are not currently monetizing.



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