Managing Metadata to Drive Workflows

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Myers’ President and CEO, Crist Myers, recently guest authored an article in InBroadcast’s November 2014 issue entitled “Managing Metadata to Drive Workflows”. The article explains that metadata is a crucial, yet frequently overlooked, component to achieving optimal operational efficiency within a broadcast operation of any size.

Content, which is the most valuable asset for media distributors, moves through various workflows, carrying with it both technical (format, media ID, timings, etc.) and operational (descriptions, rights, airdates, etc.) metadata. This descriptive data allows for content to be effectively managed, monetized, moved, and tracked throughout its entire lifecycle. This is especially true for a media facility that produces or acquires its content and has the rights to distribute in a multitude of ways.

Crist further explains that Myers’ ProTrack is a great example of a broadcast management solution that focuses on metadata to drive and facilitate consistent and seamless workflows. The ProTrack system comes standard with a highly structured and comprehensive content metadata database that allows scheduling, sales, and traffic departments to manage assets and quickly assemble schedules and finalize broadcast logs for multi-channel and multi-platform distribution responsibilities.

The entire article, which further details the importance of metadata and the relation it plays to ProTrack, can be viewed by clicking here.

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