Modern Business Systems Tout Connectivity

TV Technology recently published an article entitled Modern Business Systems Tout Connectivity and our CEO Crist Myers contributed with the following commentary:

Myers' ProTrackMyers is another company pushing beyond traditional workflows to do more than just scheduling and traffic. The Northampton, Mass.-based company has extended the capabilities of its ProTrack Hub and Spoke platform, which currently serves as the core infrastructure for multiple centralized content acquisition, playout and storage service providers.

ProTrack Hub and Spoke enables independent stations to retain their scheduling autonomy, while capitalizing on the efficiency attained as result of shared content repositories and master control resources, according to Crist Myers, Myers CEO.

“Integrations are providing enhanced interoperability and in-turn creating more automated workflows,” he said. For example, more in-depth integration between ProTrack and other vendor partners has enhanced interoperability and bidirectional communication between ProTrack and technical systems, enabling content to move freely across multiple systems within the enterprise based on actual usage/scheduling requirements. The resulting accessibility and visibility, Myers said, is designed to improve workflow efficiency.

Myers also plans to roll out a new ProTrack product release that will feature commercial sales capabilities.

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