sIX Interconnect Project Phase I Update

The PBS-led sIX Interconnect Project is demonstrative of the collaboration and commitment infused in the public television system. So, let us first start by saying, working with PBS, you, our member station customers, and the multiple vendor partners to modernize the way we do business is something we are extremely proud and happy to be a part of. And although the final project is not yet fully complete, Stage I is, which is the transition from predominate satellite linear video delivery to file-based content delivery. By moving to file-based delivery, stations can now utilize their ProTrack system to access and download content and its associated metadata directly from the cloud-based interconnect system into their \ system. Further, the download process is automated using Myers’ Air Date Processor (ADP).

So how does it work? Myers’ ProTrack reaches out to the interconnect system regularly both via ProLink and also the ProTrack sIX Module to identify any new or updated content. New content metadata is then surfaced to the user in the form of a program offer that is searchable and viewable from within the ProTrack UI. ProTrack users then have a few options. They can select the content they want and download it directly into their ProTrack system manually or they can simply schedule it. Once scheduled, the ADP will recognize if the content is not currently in house, determine whether or not it is available for download in sIX and, schedule a download in time for air.  All of the associated content metadata is automatically imported into the system simultaneously, saving users valuable time and money by eliminating the need to re-enter that information as well as eliminating potential data entry errors.

In addition to file download functionality for existing PBS, APT and, NETA content, Stage I of sIX Interconnection also expands upon its content offerings by giving member stations the ability to upload their content to be discovered and shared across the PTV system. Myers is proud to play a part in streamlining this new functionality by allowing for the upload of content and its associated metadata directly from the ProTrack UI. That’s right, the latest ProTrack release enables its users to leverage their existing content metadata library to publish their local programming to sIX Interconnection.  Users can simply identify a program to be uploaded and with the click of a button enable it to be downloaded by any member station or National Distributor. This time saving new functionality is currently in beta release and is scheduled to be rolled out to all member stations by late 2020. For more information regarding setup and onboarding for content upload, please reach out to Vigor support at

Again, we are excited to be a part of the PBS-led initiative that is modernizing the way we do business and helping member stations improve operational efficiencies. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can maximize their technology investment. We welcome you to share any questions or comments you may have with regards to our team’s or ProTrack’s role in the sIX Interconnection Project.

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