WNIN Implements Myers’ ProTrack Radio

Westfield, Ma. — Myers, a pioneer in broadcast management solutions, has announced that Tri-State Public Media, Inc (WNIN), a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station serving Evansville, Indiana, has committed to a joint licensee agreement, adding ProTrack Radio to their current ProTrack TV contract. By combining ProTrack TV with ProTrack Radio, WNIN will be able to utilize one unified database, allowing them to generate one single contract and invoice to advertisers that will jointly display their information from both platforms.

With the addition of ProTrack Radio, WNIN will also be able to capitalize on cross-platform sales opportunities as well as benefit from streamlined operational efficiencies. Integration from ProTrack to WNIN’s ENCO automation system will extend the operation’s interoperability, enabling more streamlined workflows.

“The main reason we chose ProTrack Radio was to streamline our traffic and operations process,” shared Mareea Thomas, Director of Digital Media, WNIN. “We already had ProTrack TV and determined that using the same traffic management system for both TV and Radio would aid not only our sales, but overall operation. With the addition of ProTrack Radio we are eager to increase efficiencies and save time for our sales team, operations managers, and hosts.”

Benefits of ProTrack Radio include Single & Multi-Channel Trafficking for streamlined scheduling, providing easy to use features that allow programmers to build and save master schedules, rotate in-template schedules, and utilize copy channel/block for more granular scheduling requirements. It also provides Sales Management for a full-featured sales environment that allows clients to set goals, generate contracts based on avails, monitor performance, and close the contractual loop with invoicing, affidavits, and AR.

“At Myers, we are continually evolving our solutions and in turn working with our customers to ensure they are using ProTrack to its fullest potential,” shared Crist Myers, CEO, Myers. “WNIN signing on as a joint licensee is a great example of how our technology can extend greater benefits including operational efficiencies to our customers and we look forward to helping them capitalize on that.”

For more information, visit myersinfosys.com or contact Myers at sales@myersinfosys.com.


Founded in 1982, Myers has been a pioneer in developing broadcast management software for the rapidly evolving media landscape. Myers’ extensive domain knowledge and systems integration expertise has served as an integral part in the development of a suite of software products and services that drive distribution workflows across multiple departments and systems. Media facilities large and small utilize and benefit from our unique, scalable broadcast management solution, helping them improve operational efficiency and profitability.  For more information, please visit: www.myersinfosys.com.

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