Tim McMahon started his career in broadcasting performing traffic and master control services at a commercial hub in Western Massachusetts.  Sixteen years later, McMahon is now using that valuable experience in his role as a ProTrack training and implementation specialist.

McMahon joined the Myers Professional Services team in July 2015.  Since then, he has trained and supported a wide range of ProTrack clients, including working with the ProTrack Hub and Spoke systems as well as stand-alone stations across a variety of markets.

“In my former years working at a centralized Hub, I supported as many as twelve spokes.  This experience has helped me tremendously in understanding our various ProTrack client workflows and making best practice recommendations,” said McMahon.  “It is that ‘on-the-ground’ broadcasting experience that gives me a unique perspective into dealing with all types of ProTrack clients.

McMahon spent time as a production assistant and promotions editor at the station’s flagship channel before being brought into the commercial hub, where he supported large market television stations in Hartford, CT and Providence, RI.  He worked seven years in master control, then moving into traffic and programming.  In this role, he was primarily editing broadcast logs, correcting timing and scheduling conflicts and scheduling programs.

Not only did McMahon have a wide range of trafficking duties, but he was also able to work breaking down silos between departments.  “Having been on both the technical and business side of the hub, I was able to see where we could create efficiencies and streamline operations between these departments.  This correlates to what I do today directly training stations on ProTrack and performing workflow analyses,” said McMahon.

Today, McMahon performs on-site and online ProTrack trainings, provides ProTrack installation support, exhibits at trade shows and creates product documentations and video tutorials.  One of his first contributions to the Professional Services team was to create an A-Z video walk-through of the ProTrack 6.07 sales module.  “As we’re gearing up for our 6.08 release, it was important make sure we had great resources for our clients so our team could focus on the next release,” said McMahon.

Looking forward, McMahon is really enthusiastic for the next couple of quarters, “We’re about to roll-out ProTrack 6.08, which is a really exciting time to be working at Myers.  The next release is going to revolutionary for the sales teams in the ProTrack community,” said McMahon.

When he’s not in the office, McMahon is an avid gamer, comedy enthusiast and enjoys quality time with his family.

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