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A Wise Investment

Myers offers a wide range of affordable and convenient training solutions tailored to fit each customer's needs. In addition to our online ProTrack Knowledgebase, Myers offers onsite and online training for more in-depth or specific engagements.

In-House Training

Conducted at our ProTrack Training Center in Westfield, MA, In-House Training provides customers with a highly interactive and comprehensive level of instruction on how to use ProTrack most effectively. Ideal for beginners or power-users as there are no day-to-day distractions.

Remote Online Training

Our virtual classroom is a convenient and cost-effective option that enables you to attend classes online from your home or office. Ideal for refresher training or specific topics, as you are able to share screens online and speak directly with the instructor over the phone.

On-site Training

There is a distinct advantage of personal instruction in an intimate learning environment with peers, including the advantage of "team training". Hosting a course at your facility provides real value and enhances learning by allowing for customized training on equipment that your staff will be using every day.

ProTrack Knowledgebase

All customers have access to our online ProTrack Knowledgebase to review helpful FAQs, product release notes, user guides, video tutorials, and best practice documents – providing all of the basic information to keep you up to speed.

Harness The Full Power Of ProTrack

  • Increased Profitability

    There is a direct correlation between providing your employees with the training they need to become more productive and an increase in the company’s overall profitability.

  • Consistent Quality

    Providing employees with up-to-date training ensures that they will be able to complete their tasks in the most efficient manner possible while providing consistency and quality for the organization.

  • Employee Development

    Providing employees with training allows them to develop their individual skills making them better able to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

  • Employee Retention

    Making training available to your employees provides them with the tools to increase their skills and makes them feel more valued by the organization resulting in greater employee retention.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus: Maryland Public Television

Since 1993, Maryland Public Television (MPT) has utilized a robust suite of Myers’ ProTrack products and services for its broadcast operations. In addition, they have also tightly integrated ProTrack with their automation and archive systems to enable cross-department media management workflows.

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Take advantage of the full range of affordable and convenient ProTrack training solutions that Myers has to offer.