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At this year’s PBS Annual Meeting, we have been eager to share with clients and partners alike, all the possibilities when discussing the ways we can collaborate to help member stations make the most of their ProTrack investment.

Below, you will find some further insight into some of the exciting things we have been working on at Myers. We always look forward to discussing how we can help you continue to improve, so please feel free to fill out our contact form here and schedule some time to chat further with us.

ProTrack 7.0

ProTrack 7.0

Over the last several years, we have witnessed member stations placing more of an emphasis on Corporate Sponsorship initiatives/strategies to help generate additional revenue for their station. In response, we have introduced an entirely new and more capable sales environment for ProTrack.  ProTrack 7.0 is entirely web-based and provides a more structured foundation for stations to be more aggressive/creative with Underwriting strategies AND for our development team to build upon for years to come. Some highlights include:

  • Customizable dashboards reporting views that give reps and managers easy access and visibility to KPIs. 
  • Improved UI/UX that makes much better use of screen real estate and introduces modernized web-based tool-sets.
    Proposal management, rate cards, workflow automation and much more.

ProTrack 7.0 is just the beginning on the sales front as well. We have lots of plans for improvements and we are grateful for those providing feedback on their experience with ProTrack 7.0 thus far. Keep the feedback coming!

Want more on ProTrack 7.0 and its capabilities? Let’s discuss further. Simply contact us here to request more information or schedule a discussion on how ProTrack 7.0 can enhance your corporate sponsorship workflows.


Traffic & Schedule Implementation Services

Traffic & Schedule Implementation Services

Need help taking on some of the more time-intensive and complex tasks at your station, such as implementing schedules, log generation, or sales data entry? Once the metadata is in ProTrack, workflows can be automated but first the metadata must get entered correctly. We can help. Our team of Certified ProTrack Professionals have years of experience, know the ins-and-outs of ProTrack, and will recommend proven best practices where appropriate. Whether for a primary, packaged, or pass-through channel, our team of ProTrack Professionals can ensure your station is taking advantage of all the localization and monetization opportunities available for your TV & Radio channels.   

More on Traffic, Scheduling, and Sales Entry here.





ProHost is our private cloud-based application hosting solution that provides some significant benefits to on-prem servers. The solution is built on the latest Amazon Web Services frameworks, which are easily accessible, highly secure, and provides robust DR capabilities. In addition, within ProHost your instance of ProTrack will always be on the latest build and the environment will scale with your operation as needed to keep processing times optimal.

Transitions to ProHost are seamless and require less down-time than transitioning to an on-prem server. In addition, we supply a small edge computing device to be installed on your network so ProTrack retains the access it requires to integrate with existing on-prem technical systems (e.g., automation, archive, PSIP, Web, etc.).

Please note: We are no longer providing server transition services. All ProTrack clients will be required to transition to ProHost when their servers need to be upgraded or fall below our minimum required specs. If your current server meets our current spec requirements, there is no need to upgrade to ProHost prior to your upgrade to ProTrack 7.0.

Learn more about ProHost and its benefits here. 


Application Training

Application Training

With the industry changing and changing fast, Myers offers a wide range of affordable and flexible online training courses. Courses can be our standard 101 classes or tailored to fit your station’s unique need. Either way, online training is a great investment in your employees to help make sure they are using ProTrack in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Remote Online Training: Our virtual classroom is a convenient and cost-effective option that enables you to attend classes online from your home or office. Ideal for refresher training or specific topics, as you are able to share screens online and speak directly with the instructor.

Contact us to discuss how training can help your station to:

  • Increase Profitability: Empowering employee’s productivity increases the company’s profitability
  • Retain Employees: Fuel your team’s collective expertise and, as a result, find more productivity.
  • Deliver Consistent Quality: Up-to-date training ensures tasks are completed quickly and correctly


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