We are Counting Down… 8 Reasons to Add A/R Module to your ProTrack 7.0 System

From credit management to more comprehensive sales analysis, the ProTrack 7.0 Accounts Receivable (A/R) Module provides enhanced transparency and extensive reporting capabilities; all designed to help you make quicker and smarter business decisions while working more efficiently. Simple export functionality allows the General Ledger to roll right up into the user’s Accounting System, expediting processes and data workflow. But the benefits don’t stop there!

Here is our countdown of 8 reasons why adding the A/R Module to your ProTrack 7.0 System will bring you even more value:

8.)         Easily reconcile contractual line-items from within ProTrack

7.)         Maintain a comprehensive audit trail for all accounting records

6.)         Leverage electronic invoicing through one of Myers’ EDI partnerships

5.)         Add collection notes directly to invoices

4.)         Update ISCI Codes to ensure faster reconciliation

3.)         Easily manage payments/receivables and quickly generate statements by customer or contract

2.)         Flexibility to use both broadcast and traditional calendars

1.)         Break down the silos between Sales and Accounting by providing real-time aging, invoice, and payment details to all parties involved in the sales cycle

Added Bonus: For joint licensee stations, users can generate one invoice showing information for both TV and Radio, together. For more ProTrack joint licensee benefits click here.

Contact Brad Perkins to discover how ProTrack’s A/R Module can deliver you more transparency and operational efficiency, bperkins@myersinfosys.com.

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