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ProHost provides you with a secure and unrestricted solution that gives you all of the benefits of managing your ProTrack application with cloud-based software, along with the convenience and security of having ProTrack within your own network. Our latest version of ProHost allows you to utilize it while eliminating the need to purchase or maintain bulky and expensive hardware.

The ProHost configuration is set up and managed by the Myers implementation team, saving you valuable time and is designed to seamlessly manage all ProTrack operations in the cloud, giving you peace of mind at an enterprise level.

  • Maintenance Free

    One less server to maintain, administer, and update. Always up-to-date with the latest ProTrack Software 24/7. “Always On” system monitoring, provided by Myers ControlRoom.

  • Peace of Mind

    Built upon the latest Amazon Web Services technology. The Myers agent runs within your network and facilitates all external communications. Always backed up and always protected in the case of an emergency.

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Virtual hardware is tailored to your station’s needs. Memory and processing power can be dynamically changed based on your system’s growth. Never run out of disk space again

  • Cost Effective

    Low, predictable, year-over-year operational cost. No server, no maintenance, no surprises. Free your technical resources up in order to concentrate on your station’s mission.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus: The AIB Network

The AIB Network was managing core responsibilities independently across their broadcast operations, making workflow efficiency a challenge. With each department acting as an individual silo, they needed a solution that could provide an automated and centralized work flow, in order to monetize their program schedules. ProTrack was able to integrate seamlessly with their existing automation system and provide proof of performance invoices for their advertising partners — all within a tight timeframe.

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